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Tapestry Panels

The 10 tapestry panels have been designed as a timeline to cover 1,000 years of local history and change.

The panels have been created from drawings by different local artists, each based on a theme, specific events or people and a timespan within the 1,000 year period. 

In strict terms, this is not a 'Tapestry' as we have used techniques such as embroidery, appliqué and felting. Each panel covers a time period and a theme and was designed to be displayed both individually and collectively with the others. There are overlaps in dates across the panels but no gaps. 

A few panels have been drawn with a timeline within them, e.g. "Social & Christian Change". Other panels have the Rivers Crouch and Roach included to act as orientation points for the items on the panel, e.g. "Historic Churches". Whilst other panels don't have these reference points, most are still designed to have the places or events positioned in a part of the panel that represents their approximate location on the Rochford District map, e.g. "People & Places". 

Saxons, Danes & NormansSaxons, Danes & Normans1016-1080View PanelDomesday DaysDomesday Days1080-1180View PanelHistoric ChurchesHistoric Churches1100-1500View PanelMarkets & MaritimeMarkets & Maritime1180-1300View PanelPeople & PlacesPeople & Places1300-1500View PanelTurbulent TimesTurbulent Times1500-1700View PanelLaw & OrderLaw & Order1620-1820View PanelSocial & Christian ChangeSocial & Christian Change1700-1950View PanelAir, Land & SeaAir, Land & Sea1820-2020View PanelParish PerspectivesParish Perspectives1900-2020View Panel