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An early extract of the churches tapestry
Church layout
Shopland church
Shopland church
Completed Tapestry Panel; photo by Drew Gardner
Completed Tapestry Drawing by Carol Apps; photo by Mike Payne
Final version of Completed Tapestry Panel

Historic Churches


Trying to show images of the churches as they were in this time period was too challenging. Instead, we opted for showing those old churches from across the district as they are today or in recent times.

We haven't included modern churches as we were focused on the timeline for this panel, so chose the more historic places of worship, e.g. Rayleigh Holy Trinity 14/15th C (but ‘church’ there for over 1000 years), St. Mary’s in Wakering (12th C), All Saints in Barling (12th C), St. Mary’s Shopland, All Saints in Sutton, St. Peter’s in Paglesham, St. Peter & St. Paul in Hockley (1220), etc.

Foulness & South Fambridge are more modern (19th C) as the historic churches were replaced.

Places Covered

Historical Summary

The manors mentioned in the Domesday Book gradually morphed into parishes, each with their own parish church. These were usually built in the medieval period, which is why the dates of 1100 to 1500 have been chosen for this panel.

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