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Tapestry Support

A community project doesn't just happen - it needs an incredible amount of dedication, time and support to achieve its goals. The 'Tapestry' community project has been blessed with an amazing amount of support. 


Financial support has come from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the Elim Estuary Church Group. Without this funding, none of the Tapestry would exist, so our huge thanks go to these two groups. 

Rochford District Council (RDC) have provided considerable support including marketing, provision of calico and other materials. 

Then there are the people and other organisations who've been's been difficult to identify all the organisations that have publicised and supported the community project but we have gathered the list below of individuals who have taken part - artists, historians, embroiderers, knitters, photographers, researchers, organisers, framers, web/app experts, administrators, publicity, premises, coffee makers, cake makers …all essential for a successful community project. We hope that we’ve included everyone!


Alex Rankin

Amanda Temple

Angela Griffin

Angela Hutchings (Rochford DC)

Angie Sterry

Anita Ellis

Anju Lund

Barbara Thorogood

Barry Summerfield

Bernie Haddy

Beverley Buckland

Brenda Jenkins

Brian Pettitt

Carol Taylor

Carol Apps

Carole Glendenning

Caroll Martin

Carolyn Chittock

Chris Guest

Chrissie Lazell

Corina Seal

Daniel Roche

Dawn Vinn

Dean Courtier

Diane Owen

Doris Taylor

Dulcie Dobson

Fay Carder

Gail Collingwood-Turner (RRAVS)

Geoff Durham

Gill Tabor

Gin Cameron

Graham Larwood

Guy Venables (Phoenix Frames)

Gwen Simpson

Helen Hill

Hennie Chilvers

Ian Yearsley

Jacqui Tanner

Jan Collins

Janet Blogg

Janet Harris

Janet Warner

Jean Cottis

Jean Simpson

Jeremy Rowley

Jill Botfield

Joy Manda

June Cross

Laureen Shaw

Lesley Fowler

Lesley Grove

Lesley Leverett

Lesley Mcdowell

Leh Bysouth

Liz Durham

Lucy Allen

Lyn Farrow

Maddy Amey

Maggie Summerfield

Margaret Cudby

Margaret Sopp

Marion King

Marjorie Amner

Mike Davies

Nicki Bayley

Olivia Carus

Olly Tait

Pat Hennessy

Pat Wall

Paulette Clare

Peter van de Vyver

Phil Thomas (Revive Digital)

Rebecca Kimberlin

Roger Hill

Sally Chinea

Sarah Johnson

Shirley James

Sue Dodkin

Sue Edwards

Suzan Banks

Theresa Kennelly

Tony Tween

Val Dobbin

Valerie Holmes

Vivienne Rowley

Wally King

Wendy Paternoster



Ashingdon Primary:
12 children from each of Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

Westerings Primary (Hockley):
8 children from each of Hazel, Ivy, Oak and Willow classes


Professional Photos

Drawings: Mike Payne (Regal Photography)

Tapestry: Drew Gardner