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Olivia's drawing of the Plough & Sail
1953 floods
Wakering community centre
Completed Tapestry Panel; photo by Drew Gardner
Completed Tapestry Drawing by Carol Apps & Olivia Carus, with sketch input from Geoff Durham; photo by Mike Payne
Final version of Completed Tapestry Panel

Parish Perspectives


This panel highlights some key features of the 14 parishes within Rochford District that hadn't been covered in previous panels. There are so many things that could have been chosen, so "don't shoot the messenger" as we asked for input from all parishes. These are the main items shown on this panel: 

Other items have been included in the frieze, such as phone box, pillar box, finger post, Lesney matchbox bus, drinking trough, pump, cannon, firestation. We have also added the Coronavirus symbol that caused the lockdown in 2020 and the rainbow that was used to demonstrate people's thanks to the frontline workers and also hope for the future.

Places Covered

Historical Summary

This panel focuses on iconic buildings and activities around the modern District, interspersed with parish signs, shown together under the title ‘Parish Perspectives’. The places and parish signs are laid out geographically within a map of the District. 

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