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Coat of Arms for Richard Rich - Lord Chancellor of England
Anne Boleyn's execution
Rochford almshouses & Richard Rich's will
Protestant martyrs burnt at the stake in Rayleigh and Rochford
Final version of completed tapestry
Initial Tapestry Drawing by Ian Yearsley, with input from Daniel Roche
Completed Tapestry Panel; photo by Drew Gardner
Completed Tapestry Drawing by Sally Chinea, based on Ian Yearsley's drawing

Turbulent Times


This focus of this panel is on the impact of the Christian and political upheaval in this period. Aspects covered include the following:

Places Covered

Historical Summary

1500-1700 saw huge national changes in religion and politics which were felt locally. Henry VIII established the Church of England in 1534. Mary re-established Catholicism in her reign, then Elizabeth I reversed it. Persecutions and martyrdom of people of the “wrong faith” were common. Civil War brought more turmoil in the 1650s.

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