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Pilgrims, kings and icons
Loading a barge
Canterbury pilgrims crossing at Hullbridge - sketch by Graham Larwood
The church being built on Foulness Island
Completed Tapestry Panel; photo by Drew Gardner
Completed Tapestry Drawing by Sally Chinea, with sketch input from Graham Larwood; photo by Mike Payne
Final version of Completed Tapestry Panel

People & Places


This panel looks at People & Places across the District in the period 1300-1500 and includes the following:

Places Covered

Historical Summary

The Rochford Hundred district was frequented by royalty as several noble families owned significant land in the area and lived in their numerous manor houses. Indeed, the mother of Henry V was married at Rochford Hall. The area was heavily wooded, so provided great hunting opportunities for the nobility. It wasn't so good for the peasants, who finally revolted in 1381.

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