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Whispering Post or Lawless Court
Barling's Gallows Field and Gaol
Highwayman and coach
Completed Tapestry Panel; photo by Drew Gardner
Completed Tapestry Drawing by Sally Chinea, with sketch input from Graham Larwood; photo by Mike Payne
Final version of Completed Tapestry Panel

Law & Order


With smugglers, highwaymen and footpads at large, it was time to start to get some local Law & Order in place. Aspects covered in this panel include:

Places Covered

Historical Summary

Crime was rife in towns, villages and on the rivers too. Encounters with Highwaymen and Footpads were common occurrences travelling through the wooded areas. Smuggling and wrecking were almost a way of life in some villages. It was time to start to get some local Law & Order in place.

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Ashingdon Elim Pentecostal Church, Corner of Clifton Road

535 Ashingdon Road

Ashingdon, Rochford



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