The Embroidery Team (July 2019 - Aug 2020)

Divide and conquer...

Sarah Johnson and Chris Guest organised different aspects of the tapestry creation. Sarah Johnson masterminded the panel creation, whilst Chris focused on engaging with local schools.

Sarah gathered a small team (Lyn Farrow, Margaret Cudby, June Cross, Alex Rankin and Jan Collins) to help her with material/colour selection and kit preparation for distribution to the growing band of eager embroiderers.

A mixture of appliqué, feltwork and different forms of embroidery has been used. This included Helen Hunt researching the old technique of Lucet to create the rope in panel 8, Lyn Farrow’s felting work on panel 9 and Lesley Grove’s stumpwork doves scattered throughout the panels.

As completed appliqué kits were returned, they were sewn onto the background calico to create each panel. People continued working on kits at home during the Covid-19 lockdown. Sarah, Lyn, Margaret, Lesley Leverett and Diane Owen then sewed these completed kits onto the calico, also adding background finishing touches to finalise the embroidery interpretation of each drawing.