Schools Engagement (Sept-Nov 2019)

Making the felt motifs

Meanwhile, Chris Guest contacted local schools to try to involve children in this community project.

The pressure on curriculum time and staff resourcesmeant this was naturally difficult. However, we were delighted that 80 children from 2 schools took part – 12 from each of Year Group 3, 4, 5 and 6 at Ashingdon Primary, plus 8 from each of Hazel, Ivy, Oak and Willow classes at Westerings Primary (Hockley).

Chris Guest took small groups of children to tell them about the history of some of the panels and show them how to create felt ‘heritage motifs’ that would go onto some of the panel title banners.

The Covid-19 lockdown prevented any extension into other schools, so Chris took on the challenge to finish all the remaining motifs herself.