The drawings behind the panels (May 2019-May 2020)

Timeline words take shape as drawings

The drawings weren’t all ready at the start of the project. Only one was completed at that stage and a couple of others had been started but we needed to wait for the funding to be approved before moving ahead. Pace increased over the summer months but the final drawing wasn’t completed until May 2020.

Some drawings were produced at full size (65cm high by 90cm wide), whilst others were smaller but to scale. We needed a number of working copies of each at full scale, which presented a challenge. Our thanks to the RDC staff for using our scale photos of these drawings to print multiple copies as close to full scale as possible.

Under the historical guidance of Ian Yearsley, Roger Hill and Geoff Durham, the final drawings were created by Sally Chinea, Daniel Roche, Carol Apps and Olivia Carus, with sketch input from Graham Larwood, Corina Seal, Olly Tait, Ian and Geoff.

It has been fascinating to see the timeline words take shape as drawings and being interpreted in different drawing styles.

Finally, we needed to have professional photographs taken so that we could print A3 size images for the exhibition. Our thanks to Mike Payne of Regal Photography for volunteering his services for this task.

These are the final 10 drawings...
Here are some of the supporting drawings and sketches...