Official Project Launch (July 2019)

Funding we can start work!

But of course we needed people to create the tapestry. The call went out across the district for people at all skill levels to come along and find out about the community project at a launch event on 20th July 2019. Over 30 people turned up to that first meeting and the project team grew from there.

An important part of this community project was that it encompassed people of varying skills, ages and interests from across the Rochford District. Each of the 14 parish/town councils were contacted to obtain background historical information and also to encourage their local groups and individuals to get involved.

We have been so pleased to see people from across the district engaging with the project, including those from local U3A, Women’s Institute groups, churches, Embroidery Guild and knitting groups. Some people have been experts, some novices. Whilst it has mainly been ladies drawn to the task, men have also risen to the challenge.

Launch event: explaining the project background, local history and the task ahead!