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Rochford Methodist Church (HT)

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History of Rochford Methodist Church (HT)

The building is built of stock bricks using Flemish Bond which is where each row of bricks has alternate headers (the end of the brick) and stretchers (the side of the brick) along it. This style was popular in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The Methodist Church was built later than this in 1880 but earlier building fashions tended to arrive and linger later in rural areas.

It has a band of white bricks providing detailing over the windows and also around the central rose window in the gable end. There are stone pinnacles on the corner buttresses. The original door to the street has been replaced by a window. The entrance is now in a 20thcentury flat roofed building that links the church to the Wesleyan Sunday School of 1897. This is also built of stock bricks using Flemish Bond. Its entrance door has also been replaced with a window. Each window has stone lintels.