So is it a Tapestry? (Apr-July 2019)

Tapestry, embroidery, appliqué or knitting?

Well, it's not a tapestry in the true sense of the word but it was the best description to most easily convey the concept.

The project's original working title indicated knitting as the predominant textile method. Although this was an initial 'layman idea' to make it quicker to produce, once specialists were consulted, it was quickly decided that knitting wasn't a realistic option. Instead, a mixture of appliqué, feltwork and different forms of embroidery has been used.

Knitting hasn't been forgotten though, with an excellent idea from Caroll Martin to produce dolls depicting some of the characters in the panels. Caroll, Paulette Clare and other knitters have produced some amazing creations to complement the tapestry panels.

An extract from one of the Tapestry panels Caroll’s suffragette doll