Getting prepared (Apr-June 2019)

Seeking advice from local specialists and friends

We took advice from local specialists and friends (who are still friends!):

  • Roger Hill helped to structure the initial historical content that we obtained from individuals, internet research, books and the Parish/Town/District Councils.
  • Wally King advised on framing techniques and suggested local framing specialists. We spoke to a few local companies and selected Phoenix Frames, where Guy Venables has given us invaluable support and advice.
  • Chris Guest unwittingly mentioned that she was making a wedding dress and loved sewing of every sort, so was immediately press-ganged into action.
  • We ventured further afield and visited the Maldon Embroidery, meeting with some of the original makers who shared their experience and gave us very useful tips.
  • Corina Seal and Carol Apps got us started with some initial drawings that enabled us to more easily articulate the vision, whilst Graham Larwood provided his drawings from a previous project about the Battle of Assandun.

Corina’s drawing gave us focus… but also raised the question of how to ensure historical accuracy 


Graham’s drawings added historical context, whilst Carol sketched local landmarks