Photoshoot & Participants' Preview (21st/22nd Aug 2020)

On the windiest day in August

With all 10 panels mounted onto foam board, we needed to take detailed photos before they were framed. A photoshoot was needed! With the exhibition now postponed into 2021, we also wanted project members to see the results of their labours of love.

With no ability for large groups to gather and celebrate the achievement, instead we devised a socially distanced preview process for those involved in the tapestry creation.  Unfortunately, with schools not open, we couldn’t invite the children who had been involved but there’ll be another time for them to see it.

The panels were displayed under gazebos in a back garden for Drew Gardner to take professional photographs. This was followed by timed slots to allow a few people at a time to spend precious minutes browsing the finished product before the next time slot ended their limited viewing.