Logo, Website and Social Media


An email address and Twitter account had been established when the Town Team was first formed in July 2014. 

We decided that a Town Team brand was needed, so a logo was developed and adopted, with the emphasis being on an older typeface and using the colours from the Earl of Ormond’s heraldic shield within one of the letters. The logo was put into use in April 2015.

An internet presence was considered to be an important element in marketing and for connecting with people and groups via social media. Having considered other options, the Town Team asked Revive Digital Solutions to prepare a proposal for development of a website and Facebook, since Revive had agreed to take an active part in the Town Team going forward. Revive’s proposal was accepted and planning commenced in May 2015.

The Facebook presence was launched in November 2015 and the initial website in February 2016.

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