Historic Rochford Visitor Leaflet

The Town Team felt it was important to increase the general awareness of Rochford, so it was decided to create a visitor information leaflet to encourage people to come to the town. This was developed as a ‘trifold’ leaflet so that it could be easily displayed alongside similar visitor attraction leaflets.

An initial 1,000 leaflets were printed in September 2015 (our thanks to Revive Digital Solutions for undertaking the layout and printing free of charge).

The leaflets were distributed to various locations including the Holiday Inn at Southend airport, Southend Visitor Information Centre, Priory Park Museum, Southend Airport, Rochford Parish Council and Rochford District Council reception.

The leaflet was well received and a further 2,000 copies were printed in November 2016. Rochford Parish Council manages the distribution of these leaflets.

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