Commemorative Cushions in Holy Trinity Church Rayleigh

A set of 27 cushions were made between 1958 -1968 by the Rayleigh Parish Needlework Guild for the choir stalls in Holy Trinity Church. Each has a design depicting an aspect of the history of our area. These were designed by Kenneth Cotton the organist and choirmaster at the time. They are worked in wool on canvas with a variety of embroidery stitches. The work is exceptionally fine and detailed.

During 60 years of use the foam padding had disintegrated and a team of volunteers took on the task of restoring them. This was spurred on by the refurbishment of the church (completed in 2022) which also included a new organ and choir benches.

There is a brief description of each cushion in a guide to be found on the choir stalls. Every cushion has a number on the underside relating to the guide giving historical information.

The cushion designs span from 1086- Suene: son of Robert Fitzwimark to 1968 acknowledging the completion of the project. Visitors are most welcome to view these ‘works of art’ when the church is open (Mon – Sat 10-12). Please ask the ‘Church Watch’ team for further information.

Here is a list of the cushions and the events they depict:

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