Staying on Track (Dec 2019-Mar 2020)

Everyone's busy...but is it going to be ready for June?

With so much activity and so many people involved, staying on top of things was a challenge in itself…general admin, ‘kit control’, drawings & panel status, historical query checking, photography, webpages development, publicity…the list goes on!

The core team held regular planning reviews to check the status of each aspect of the project. We had an email distribution list for information updates, which grew to over 70 members, with other people connected through the various groups that were involved.

We also wanted to gather feedback for the lottery report at the end of the project, so a feedback sheet was created and informal feedback was also sought.

Photographs of the original drawings were needed for display at the exhibition. Whilst we’d had some great photos taken by people on the project, we needed to find a professional for this task. Our thanks to another local volunteer for taking this on and producing some excellent photos…Mike Payne who runs Regal Photography.

Once framed, each panel needed to be displayed on an easel.

Guy stepped forward to take on the task of easel production whilst waiting for the panels to be delivered to him for framing.

A 2-week long exhibition was planned for the start of June 2020, just after the scheduled display of some of the tapestry panels at the Discover2020 launch event. Publicity material was prepared and communication plans organised.

Everything was progressing well…then there was Lockdown.