Rochford District Heritage Tapestry: a community project

Project Summary

The Rochford District Heritage Tapestry has 10 ‘timeline’ panels depicting key historic, Christian and social events across the 14 parishes of Rochford District since the battle of Assandun in 1016, which determined the destiny of the English crown.

Each panel is 65cm high by 90cm wide before framing. Local artists created drawings based on research by local historians. The panels were created on calico using a mixture of appliqué, feltwork and different types of embroidery. It took 20 months from initial concept to tapestry completion.

The project’s original title, Knitting Our Heritage Together, inspired the creation of knitted figures to match against the tapestry. Historical narratives have also been written for each panel.

One objective was to be widely inclusive, enabling people of any skill level to take part. About 90 adults and 80 children were involved, ranging from beginners to experienced craftspeople. We all learned from it, whether that be new skills, local history or different ways of working together.

The tapestry and knitted figures will be displayed at various locations across the district, with information and photos available on our website ( and on our free “Historic Rochford” app. Follow us on FaceBook ( and Twitter ( to keep updated on viewing locations.

Please contact us if your organisation is interested in hosting a display.

We hope this Heritage Tapestry will be a lasting legacy for Rochford District, providing information and stimulating ideas across all age groups.

These photos are courtesy of Drew Gardner